9 Steps to Solve App Crash/Failure/Lag

If you run into any Android app or game failure in MEmu App Player, there are several steps you need to follow in order to solve the issue:


1. Have the latest version of MEmu installed. You may download it from our MEmu website.


2. Depending on your specifications, it is recommended to set the performance options in the simulator settings to medium or high (CPU >= 4 cores, memory >= 4 G).

3. If you get app crash or graphic related error, it’s probably because of wrong graphic render mode.

[Solution: Change graphic render mode in System Setting, or submit app name to support@microvirt.com if this app requires OpenGL ES3.0 or up]

4. Sometimes different android version offers different compatibility.

[Solution: Create a new instance and switch your Android versions]

5. Make sure the graphics card driver is updated (when above solutions do not work)

How to Update Graphic Driver


6. System environment problems, such as more background opening procedures

For example, if the computer configuration is low or the computer needs to open other office software, causing CPU memory usage, please close the those applications first. There are some graphic cards compatibility issues in the Windows 10 server version and the enterprise version.


7. If you get security or emulator related error, it’s probably because of the app vendor is blocking emulator environment.

[Solution: submit app name to support@microvirt.com]


8. If you get the below message when running an app in MEmu App Player, what’s more, you are using AMD platform. That’s probably because of incapable x86 lib.so. Please post your app name and describe your problem in the user group, we will try to handle it properly.



9. Finally, the most important step is to contact MEmu support:

Always Get Help from MEmu


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