All you need to know about MEmu 8.0

Prepare to play Android games on your computer like never before using MEmu 8.0. Experience the best possible gameplay experience with its high performance and enhanced FPS.

This article will introduce you to all the different features that you will find in MEmu 8.0.

1. The 64-bit emulator is used by default, in order to improve the compatibility and experience of games.

Take your gaming experience to new heights and experience superior performance in your favorite games with the most powerful version of MEmu yet!

2. Support Hyper-V virtualization engine. Old 32/64-bit emulators can upgrade smoothly.

Trim memory for reducing the memory MEmu utilizes on your PC, to improve performance and enhance your gaming experience furthermore.


3. Release Android 9 instance to support games that require a higher version of Android.

MEmu 8.0 supports Android 9. You may now run many recently launched apps that are not supported on older versions of MEmu. Different Android versions are at your disposal now.

4. Optimize the performance of games. Games run more smoothly.

Efficient use of your computer’s resources such as RAM and CPU usage. Enhanced engine for smooth in-game animations and high FPS.

4. Fast app-launch time

Optimize the game installation speed, which saves time by 50%+.

5. Light-weight and a lean interface, ability to create multiple instances

Optimize the first startup time of the emulator, which saves time by 40%+.


Other features of MEmu 8.0:

1. Fixed the problem of no response during the running of some games.
2. Fixed the problem of insufficient resources when running some games.
3. Fixed the problem of the blurry screen and splash screen in some games.
4. Fixed the failure of APK/XAPK installation with size bigger than 2GB.
5. Fixed some game compatibility issues on AMD device models
6. Fixed some issues of Multi-MEmu:
— Fixed occasional crashes when sorting windows.
— Fixed the failure issue when creating new instances in some cases.
— Fixed the problem that the disk becomes larger after cleaning.

And much more…

You can read about all the new features that are frequently added to MEmu 8.0 in the MEmu Release Notes.

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