Blue Archive brings a new Story Event in its June 2023 update

Nexon has announced the addition of its latest event story, Cathedra’s Merry Christmas: Remedial Knights’ Gift in the June 2023 update to Blue Archive, the subculture game developed by their subsidiary company Nexon Games.

What happens when Christmas arrives in Kivotos as the Remedial Knights get caught up in a conspiracy in Blue Archive

Players will witness what transpires as Christmas approaches in Kivotos in this Event Story when the Remedial Knights become embroiled in a plot involving the Thugs. Players can acquire various Elephs and tools to advance throughout the Event Story. Players can obtain things like Pyroxene x400 and Secret Tech Notes after finishing the story.

Two new students have also been included in the mix. Serina (Christmas), a Trinity General School student of the Piercing-type Striker, utilizes her EX Skill, Echo of Blessings, to grant one Holy Night’s Blessing and enhance Crit DMG for allies inside a circle (apart from herself). The number of Holy Night’s Blessings certain allies have accrued affects how effective they are with Piercing.

A Mystic-type Special student from the same academy is Hanae (Christmas). Time for Presents!, her EX Skill, bestows one Holy Night’s Blessing on friends inside a circle. The quantity of Holy Night’s Blessing and Healing received by those allies determines the duration of a 60-second continuous recovery effect that they receive.

Blue Archive brings amazing rewards with its June 2023 update

Additionally, Nexon is releasing fresh Mini Story content that will allow Sensei to get to know the pupils in a whole new way. The Red Winter Tour Log’s first two episodes are already published, and additional installments are anticipated soon.

For seven days leading up to Tuesday, June 27, Nexon is giving out Pyroxene x100 as part of a celebration of the update, as well as a brand-new piece of furniture called the Warm Christmas Fireplace. Players can visit the official Blue Archive community for more information about the “Cathedra’s Merry Christmas: Remedial Knights’ Gift” story event.

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