Free Fire PC OB23 Update Patch notes: AUG, Lucas, Penguin

Free Fire is all set to carry out the much-awaited OB23 Update Patch in the days ahead! This will be another big blog article about the change to ‘Age of Streamers.’ Today in this article we’ll look at the content and functionality of this new update.

If you want to check out the update before it’s published in-game, you can register and download the Free Fire OB23 Advance Server. You get to check out the update in advance server before others, so hop in! Registrations are made in 2 lots before July 19th.

1. New Weapon: AUG

The Armee Universal Gewehr aka AUG is an AR weapon that will be added soon in the game. The M82B sniper rifle was the final addition to the game of arms.

New Weapon: AUG

The officials have not yet disclosed the stats of that rifle shot. But it will have an incredible range and an equally impressive rate of fire for an AR rifle, according to the reports. It could be made an exclusive airdrop weapon, too.

2. New Character: Lucas

The much-awaited character Lucas will finally make his debut with the upcoming update in Free Fire ‘s lands. The character is based on Lucas Silva, a Brazilian real-life football player. Lucas Silva Borges is His full name. He is currently playing for Brasileirão club Grêmio as a midfielder.

New Character: Lucas

Lucas is the next Brazilian character to become featured in the game after DJ Alok. This player ‘s special character ability is apparently called ‘hat-trick.’ The ability provides a small extension of the default HP bar beyond 200 if the player kills anyone. This skill appears comparable to the ‘Gangster Spirit’ skill of Antonio. But ‘hat-trick’ differs in the sense that even when the additional HP is lost it remains extended HP bar. Thus, by using the ‘Lucas’ model, one can always restore their HP beyond 200.

Judging by the description of his ability, this appears to be a passive ability, implying that this will not be an exclusive ability in character. But maybe there may be some limits on how much max HP one can get after each kill. We can say nothing with certainty, though.

3. New Pet: Penguin

Free Fire makes sure any big upgrade contains at least one new pet. For this update, the tradition doesn’t change either. A new pet will soon make its debut in-game in the form of a penguin.

New Pet: Penguin

The Penguin pet’s special training capabilities are yet to be identified. The reports, however, say that it has something to do with gloo walls and ‘Maxim’ character.

4. Plan Bermuda: changes and additions to the map

Once it comes to Free Fire, continuity can always be expected when it comes to making fresh and exciting improvements to satisfy the player base’s ever-growing needs. Ok, this time it is the Free Fire map with the OB23 Update Patch that is going to get an upgrade. To put it simply, Free Fire’s most beloved map: ‘Bermuda‘ will probably be revamped soon.

The Devs will add new locations in the map based on a couple of real-life state-of-the-art architectural landmarks around the globe. Players can expect the next few days to see a variety of new infrastructures in the form of domes, towers, and huge halls.

Through this move, it seems that Free Fire is looking for more ways to develop and enhance the player base ‘s overall gameplay experience. The new locations will open up new strategies and tactics for players to employ.

5. Grim Reaper Event

The event of Rampage2.0 is almost drawing to a close. This event was one of the most popular and massive events since the game came out. Following this event’s progress path, a new event in the form of Grim Reaper is expected to come shortly after the latest update patch goes LIVE.

Apparently, this ‘Grim Reaper’ event will hand out a lot of free premium goodies to please the F2P players just like how the ‘Rampage 2.0’ did. The event will also get its very own game mode, probably.