Full Details about Flora Menace Mode in PUBG Mobile/BGMI 1.6 Update

The PUBG Mobile test server has begun, and on this server, you will be able to examine everything that will be included in the game’s 1.6 update. In this article, we’ve covered all there is to know about the brand new Flora Menace mod, which will be included in the PUBG Mobile/BGMI 1.6 update.

Mission Ignition Mode is available in the current version of the game, version 1.5, and Flora Menace is also a Mission Ignition edition. It’s possible that when the main version of the game is released after the test version, the name of this mode will be altered. Only the Erangel map will have this mode.

In Flora Menace mode, instead of spawning on the spawn island, you spawn in a spaceship. On the spaceship, there are particular boundaries that prevent you from escaping. You can also take yourself inside the spaceship by heading to the center of the spaceship.

Many new special marks will appear on the map as a result of Flora Menace mode.

  • Call Matrix Robot
  • Cell
  • Rejuvenation Barrier

Call Matrix Robot

Cell Matrix Robots can be found wherever there are red color markers on the map. If you enter that red circle, you will be fighting those robots, and if you kill them, you will receive level 3 stuff.


Cell’s marks can be found throughout the map in a variety of locations. In certain ways, the cell serves as a teleporter; if you go to the location where the cell is designated, you can teleport into a starship. Only you will be allowed to use these cell markers once they have turned blue from white. You must combat other players and gather Nacore currency after you arrive in the spaceship. On the spaceship, you will have three lives, meaning you will be able to stay alive by dying three times before being tossed out.

Rejuvenation Barrier

In addition to the red circle, you’ll notice green colored circles on the map, which are known as the Rejuvenation Barrier and appear to be alien-affected places. When you approach these green circles, your character’s HP (health) will begin to increase, and you will no longer need to heal your character. When looting, you’ll notice two new items: Vine and Faulty Chip. Vine and Faulty Chip can be collected for prizes. You will see Nacore currency during the loot, which you must gather because it will allow you to order unique supplies.

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