Get Rewards For Reporting Cheats In Ban Pan Part 2! Step By Step Instructions

PUBG Ban Pan Part 2: In order to maintain a secure gaming environment, PUBG always listens to player input regarding cheats and hacks. This type of incident was first revealed in December, and within three months, PUBG Mobile had approximately 50 000 reports. All of the cheating channels were included in PUBG Mobile, and they were effectively monitored by us. PUBG Mobile has opted to bring that event back for a second round in order to clean up the game’s cheating environment. PUBG Mobile is rewarding gamers on a weekly basis this time. So, what are you doing wasting your time for? Participate and work together to eliminate the cheaters that we all despise!

Steps to get the rewards:

You must fill out the form provided in the PUBG Mobile ban pan article with specific information about any cheating service or software you come across.
The PUBG Ban Pan Team will investigate each report and, after doing so, will take necessary measures, such as monitoring, removing ranks, and revoking perks.
Only those who submit valid entries will be rewarded.
Remember that the goal of this event is to eliminate cheats from the game, not to defraud users or players. In-game, players can assist and report cheats.


Deadline for submitting the cheats is 5th November 2021 (UTC +0)


10 000 UC will be awarded to those who assist in uncovering an uncovered cheat that has been reported with solid and supporting proof.
The top five players (if applicable) will get 6,000 UC in addition to permanent Epic sets.
Every week, the PUBG Mobile Ban Pan will check the outcomes of the reports and choose three gamers at random to receive 10 Classic Crate Coupons.
Winners will be selected on a weekly basis and published on our official community channels.
Do your best to gain free PUBG Mobile cheats. You will also have the opportunity to win prizes.

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