How to set key mapping and play rules of survival on PC keyboard mouse

First of all, you need to update it to latest version of MEmu 3.6.7, which improved the performance a lot and fixed some compatibility issue. Here is the link to download MEmu App Player and install this game. Suggest you configure Direct X+ (support in Android 5.1 only) graphic mode in MEmu for better performance for this game.

MEmu setting
In rules of survival, there are may controls required, it might bring inconvenience if your play on phone, more or less.  So, MEmu App Player would be your best choice. Here is a screenshot in this Android Emulator for key mapping controls. The controls followed most setup from Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds.

How to play rules of survival on PC

Here is the Key-mapping Table for your quick reference.

key mapping settingWhen you enter the game, the screen will show as below, currently there are North-America, Asia and Europe server are available. You can choose the server depends on your internet.

game server 2.

After matching finished, you will need to wait for a few seconds, the the plane will start and you can choose where you plan to land. You can use shoot key (left click) to parachute your destination.


Before you  parachute, you can open the map(Press “M” key) and choose your destination, plan your following action.


If you got a car, it will be way easier for you to move somewhere. The direction to drive is also set up as move controls by W/A/S/D, H for drive and you can switch to passenger by C button, boost by R and get off by Space. In the mid of bottom, it shows the speed and how many gas left to drive.

开车 加速

If you have got a multiple scope, you can use R button to aim, it will make you shoot enemy easier. You can switch shooting between Single (shoot click by click) and Auto (Shoot automatically). In addition, Auto mode is not available for shot gun and Sniper.


Now, have you learned how to play this game on PC? Go ahead and have your chicken dinner!

How to play rules of survival on PC

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