How to Solve Installation Failure

#How to solve installation failure#

Please check your system information of your PC to see if it fits our system requirement first.

If your PC reaches our requirement,

  1. If you are using an online installer, please use the offline installer instead.
  2. If both installers fail at the same time, please turn off your anti-virus software like Avast, AVG.
  3. (For offline installer) If somehow the problem remains, please check the MD5 of the installer you download. You can find MD5 of MEmu in release notes. You can check MD5 by using an online tool If the MD5 is different from that we listed on our website, it means you need to re-download the installer until they are the same.


#How to Get Installation Failure Log#

If you’ve finished all the steps above and the installation still fails, please submit the log file back to us. Here’s the way to get it:

1. If you can open MEmu despite installation failure, you can find the install log path in system info. Click the “Create Report” button and the failure log  will be generated on the desktop, and then you are able to send it to us.


2. If you cannot open MEmu, here is its path. C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Microvirt\setup\  “xxxx” is your Windows login name.

Btw, the AppData folder defaults to be hidden.

After you find the log, please send it to us via Facebook or

Please send us the information on this list, then we are able to find the problem as soon as possible.

    • MEmu version
    • CPU model
    • RAM
    • GPU model

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