Is MEmu Safe? The Answer Arrives

MEmu has been dedicated to offering its users with a consistent, stable, and powerful platform to play Android games since the beginning. From the date of birth, it has gained the reputation of running smoothly across various kinds of PCs, which removes the barrier on expensive smartphone hardware and allows game lovers to play their favorite Android games on the computer without additional costs. More importantly, it offers the best keyboard control and brings the maximized gaming experience to enrich your everyday life.

Is MEmu Safe




Is MEmu Safe? Yes
Is MEmu the Best? Yes
Does MEmu Have Malware? No
Can MEmu Run on Various Kinds of PC? Yes
Is MEmu Safe for Your Google Account? Yes
Will I Get Banned for Using MEmu? No
Is MEmu a Cryptocurrency Miner? No
Does MEmu Sell User Data? No

Sometimes, certain consumers have doubts about what we ask for in exchange. Many users might be challenging the safety and protection of MEmu, particularly when realizing that downloading is free for all.


Is MEmu Safe?

“Is MEmu safe?” “Is there any malware in MEmu?” “Is it possible to get my Google Account hacked for using MEmu?” “Does MEmu implant a cryptocurrency miner?” “Will I get banned in the games for using MEmu?” All these issues are invalid but a tiny sampling of misunderstandings that we need to answer endlessly on a regular basis.

As a group of game lovers, the most thing we care about is gaming experience, and that is one of the many goals for our business. If you pay attention to our homepage, you would be able to find all the history versions and game reviews. By checking our social platforms you will understand we are trying hard to make our players happy. We provide solutions to complex issues and deliver the latest game trends. Everything is given at no cost. So it comes to another question: Why we are doing this for free? Actually, our major income comes from ads revenue. It is small but vital for us to survive. Fortunately, we have released our membership system recently. Please support us by subscribing to it if MEmu brings you happiness.

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Is MEmu the Best?

Well, it functions as an emulator that can effectively run Android systems on your PC. Beyond that minimum requirement, MEmu delivers consistency on a large range of computers and configurations, with decent results across each, and also introduces a multitude of features to improve player interaction, so it will certainly raise the good standard to the best.

MEmu allows you to run millions of Android games on your computer, and it has loads of functionality and advantages that will greatly improve the gamer’s enjoyment, such as customizable keymapping, multiple instances, macro keys, operation recorder, etc. Hardcore users may discover the rich functionality by themselves.

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MEmu beats any other competitors in terms of performance, CPU use, RAM use, frames per second, and load time.

We did a performance test using a Windows 10 PC with an i5-8400 CPU, a GTX 1050Ti GPU, and 16GB RAM. It is not surprising at all that MEmu got the best results for both CPU and GPU tests. Try it for yourself. The data never lies.

CPU Test (Geekbench 4):

  • MEmu: #1 with a score of 15,696.
  • N**Player: #2 with a score of 12,060.
  • L*Player: #3 with a score of 11,870.
  • B***stacks: #4 with a score of 10,653.
  • G***loop: #5 with invalid data.

GPU Test (Antutu 7.1):

  • MEmu: #1 with a score of 835,617.
  • L*Player: #2 with a score of 369,741.
  • B***stacks: #3 with a score of 363,275.
  • G***loop: #4 with a score of 346,773.
  • N**Player: #5 with a score of 269,357.


Does MEmu Have Malware?

The conclusion lies in no. We take our security issue very seriously, ransomware or spyware would never be our interest to include in our emulator. Our product is verified by anti-virus software companies like Avast, BitDefender, F-Secure, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Symantec if you recognize any of them. Very few users get false alerts because our online installer includes ad plugins provided by ironSource, but you can always reject the offer during the installation. They are reliable recommendations and will never harm your system. Looking closely at the description of the alert, you would find out it is nothing but identification of ad plugins. If you can not pass the anti-virus detection, or hate to see those recommendations during the installation, the offline installer is a cleaner version for you.

If you wish to install or upgrade your MEmu application, please check our website for your safety. Alternatively, we also have an official Discord server where you can communicate with your fellow gamers and keep updated regarding our emulator’s latest news.


Can MEmu Run on Various Kinds of PC?

Please check the system requirements article for the most updated information.

MEmu works on practically everything. Some systems at the bottom of the specifications might be struggling with certain big games, but they will still be able to run them with satisfactory results. With older models, though, the same can not be confirmed because some games will not even be able to install.


Is MEmu Safe for Your Google Account?

The answer is an absolute yes. MEmu is 100% secure when connecting your Google account to it. In this sense, it performs the same way as linking your Google account on your phone, installing new games, and even linking MEmu membership with your account.

As soon as you open MEmu, you’ll see Google Play Store on the launcher. After login in and you’ll be able to access all the apps and games. You can also create a new Google account or use two-factor authentication if you do not trust us for whatever reason. Moreover, you can install games from its APK file if your game does not require a Google account to sync the data.


Will I Get Banned for Using MEmu?

Some popular shooting games have split traffic between mobile players and emulator players natively on the game publisher side. We respect the game publisher and other mobile players for the split change, so using MEmu would not destroy the game balance. You would also be totally fine to play other games that do not greatly affect other players. Usually, the access to the game is shut down on our end if any of them shows a sign of the banning issue. We pay attention to this type of issue closely, and we adjust our system timely according to the needs of the game publishers. The issue is often resolved before our users realize any changes yet. It can make sure our users’ accounts do not get banned as they are the most precious property to any game player, which takes a lot of time and effort to cultivate.


Is MEmu a Cryptocurrency Miner?

We would never implant malware or cryptocurrency miners in our product. However, we can not take responsibility for those who downloaded from third party sources. This being said, by testing the resource usage of the device in the task manager you will see for yourself that MEmu is not a crypto-currency miner:

Being the one who offers the best performance among all, it would be suicide to implant cryptocurrency miners to destroy our reputation. You are welcome to test it for yourself, just leave the program idle for hours then monitor its resource occupation.


Does MEmu Sell User Data?

Like other legit software, MEmu will never sell your data to ask for an exchange. It is created in a private technology company and we have no relation to the big brother or any authority. Your data on MEmu will only be stored when necessary for improving the overall user experience. Therefore, the vital part of your data such as Google password neither will be stored on our end nor will be shared with any third-party. Besides, the password of your MEmu account is generated randomly so your Google account remains unaffected. For more info please check our privacy policy.

In the MEmu gaming world, only bugs are our enemies.


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