Play Melon Playground on PC with MEmu

Melon Playground – this is a fairly simple and exciting simulator in which you can put a variety of experiments on dummies. To do this, here you have a huge variety of tools, weapons, and functions, from which everything is limited only by your imagination. In addition, the management here is quite simple, and you do not need to spend a lot of time on mastering!

From the very beginning, you have at your disposal a large number of interactive items that can be freely used and do not need to wait for them to be unlocked. Try to put one dummy on the test field and try different types of weapons on it. For example, try to cut them with a knife, shoot them with a machine gun or blow them up with a grenade. Several dummies can be displayed on the field at once, which increases the possibilities.

In addition, they can be handed almost all types of weapons available in the simulator, which they can even use. In addition to weapons, various items can be put on the experimental field, in the form of boxes, barrels, wheels, and so on. And all your progress can be saved to continue later!

Emulator Features:

  • Minimalistic graphics;
  • Dozens of weapons and items;
  • There are no restrictions;
  • Realistic physics.