Play Together brings a spooky summer Ghost story with its horror-themed content update

A horror-themed update has been added to the mobile casual social network game Play Together by mobile game developer HAEGIN.

Join the Supernatural Research Club and take on various paranormal missions in Play Together

On Kaia Island, the island where Play Together is set, ghosts have begun to manifest. Players must join the “Supernatural Research Club” and participate in numerous missions to complete “Minerva’s Spooky Research Journal” and unravel the mysteries underlying the weird happenings.

As they work to finish the journal, players can accumulate “Spooky Coins” and exchange them at a covert store run by the reticent ghost “Ryungseo” for real money. A variety of products, including the Supernatural Research Club Mask and Robe, Spooky Board, Blinking Lights, and others are available for exchange here in exchange for the money.

The game also brings a new season of Forgotten Island and amazing new rewards

Additionally, enigmatic “Little Ghosts” have begun to manifest to frighten the locals. With bug nets, players can capture the Little Ghosts, and they’ll receive Spooky Coins for their catch. The festivities don’t stop there; there is also an attendance event that offers gamers the chance to win objects decorated in the style of the eerie yet endearing apparitions. By logging into the game and checking the attendance for a total of seven days, items like the “Little Ghost Headband” and “Little Ghost Backpack” can be obtained.

A new season of “Forgotten Island” will also begin, offering players the chance to acquire a limited-edition outfit made up of a hat, a suit, and shoes with tropical fish as inspiration. For the summer, there are also new bathing suits and costumes designed for couples to wear at the resort. This update will make the hot summer a little more enjoyable, while the company tries its best to give players more inventive ways to have fun in the future.

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