PUBG Mobile 2.1 Beta version update: How to download and what’s new

PUBG Mobile, like always, is following its usual procedure of releasing a beta version of its upcoming updates for its players in order to smoothen out the gaming experience and fix the bugs if any, that players usually spot and report during this beta phase. The current beta which is running is for the PUBG Mobile update 2.1 which will be released shortly in the coming weeks.

PUBG Mobile 2.1 Beta version update patch notes

Every game that releases a new version must also release a Beta version, which indicates that new features will be available. As a result, developers will need to test the game via Beta Testing to guarantee that there are no bugs, glitches, or other issues. These are things that the game’s makers don’t desire for the sake of the game’s players’ enjoyment.

Players are looking forward to this beta edition of PUBG Mobile, especially in 2.1, because there will be big upgrades. As a result, we’ll talk about some of the new features in version 2.1 this time.

1. Updated Livik Aftermath

The Livik map has gone through rather drastic and noticeable changes in the past few months. It has transitioned from being a beta version map to being an official map after almost 2 years in the former status. The towns and drops in the map have changed, with the buildings being in a ruined state due to a terrestrial event in Livik.

Livik Aftermath
Image via Reddit

The Aftermath mode has also been introduced, along with several features such as recall, ziplines, new gun sights, and vehicle. In this beta, it will feature a Radar Tower and a Semi truck among other undisclosed changes.

2. Further additions to the Cheer Park

In the recent update, the Cheer Park underwent a massive change which saw it evolve into a much more modern, interactive, and larger map while still retaining its original intentions.

Cheer Park
Image via NaturalYT

In this beta, it will feature even more changes keeping in mind the players’ demands and entertainment. For example, there will be a new shooting range intended for sniper training where players can put their long-range skills to the test. It will also display the player statistics in the training mode.

3. New Weather system

The new Weather system will feature a newly made sunset weather, as opposed to the already existing one. The new one will be much brighter and vibrant with the sun visible on the horizon and accounting for a beautiful view while at the same time not compromising visibility.

Aurora weather will also be featured, which is similar to the night mode which was in the game in the past, but the new aurora mode will be a much lighter version of it. It will look close to that of the midnight sun whether in northern European and American regions such as Alaska, Iceland, and Norway.

How to download PUBG Mobile 2.1 beta version APK on Android

To download the beta version, follow the given steps:

  • Open the PUBG Mobile app.
  • Go to the Events tab.
  • Go to the Beta Invitation section
  • It will redirect you to a website that will generate a code and link.
  • Use the link to download the beta version.
  • Enter the generated code to register as a beta tester.

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