PUBG Mobile: 4 Things you need to know about new Livik 2.0

PUBG Mobile 2.0 will be released in early May 2022, with lots of new features, one of which is the new Livik 2.0 map which will be officially released soon in the game as well. After nearly 22 months of testing, tweaking, and polishing, Livik 2.0 is finally coming out.

Livik itself is a map with short matches, fast-paced, and full of action due to its very small size compared to other maps, which are 2×2 in size in PUBG Mobile. That’s the factor that makes this map will be chosen by players compared to other maps. On this occasion, Here’s all you need to know about the new Livik 2.0 map.

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Introducing the new Livik 2.0 in PUBG Mobile

1. New Themed areas

There will be several areas in the Livik 2.0 map in PUBG Mobile, for players to enjoy and explore the map. With new themed areas, such as different architectures and layouts, players will change their tactics or strategies from before and take advantage of the available terrain to win.


PUBG Mobile Livik 2.0 map
Image via Krafton

First, we will drop on the Midstein area. Here there are many renovations around such as buildings with different roads and alleys that make this area a complex urban area. In this map, close combat may often occur due to the many available alleys, besides buildings with higher floors will have more advantages, because they can see a wider range.


PUBG Mobile Livik 2.0 map
Image via Krafton

There is something new in this Blomster area. There are some open areas because of the wide road, therefore if you can get a broad vision it will be a good thing during the battle. Besides that, there are interesting things in this area, namely a soccer field where players can play, because the developer also provides the ball and the goal, but be careful because if you are too busy playing soccer, the enemy will easily eliminate you.

Logistic Center

PUBG Mobile Livik 2.0 map
Image via Krafton

As the name implies, this area contains a warehouse and also a container, so this area has lots of covers that can be played by players. Players who are skilled in movement, as well as good at close combat, will definitely dominate this area.


Image via Krafton

Like Pochinki, Iceborg has a church built between buildings, this area can be used as a place to play hide and seek, because of the many houses and partitions available.

2. New Vehicle

PUBG Mobile Livik 2.0 map
Image via Krafton

In this latest update, there is a new vehicle called the all-terrain UTV. As the name implies, this vehicle can traverse all terrains such as mountains, hills, roads, and urban alleys present in Livik 2.0. Also, this vehicle can accommodate as many as 4 people.

3. Weapon purchasing feature

In the new version of the Livik map, there will be a Supply Shop where you can buy something in there, especially in upgrading weapons to their XT variant, different from the previous beta version. To get this XT variant firearm you could get it through crates, and airdrops, but this way is not always guaranteed, therefore this change was made.

PUBG Mobile Livik 2.0 map
Image via Krafton

With this XT variant firearm, there will be a lot of diversity in the player’s playing style, because the XT variant firearm is different from ordinary firearms. This is because this XT firearm is more balanced and easy to control. Moreover, this XT AKM firearm can shoot as many bullets as you have in the bag without needing to reload, therefore it will make the weapon very overpowered.

4. New Map features

Advanced Supply Zone

When you enter a match and are about to jump from the plane, you can look at the mini-map. There you can see there is a zone with a yellow circle, which means there is an Advanced Supply Zone. This zone contains a lot of supplies such as items, weapons, or attachments.

PUBG Mobile Livik 2.0 map
Advanced Supply Zone feature in Livik 2.0 map (Image via Krafton)

However, because this zone contains a lot of supplies, many players will come to this zone, because they also need supplies to continue until the end of the game. If you are a player with a playing style that dares to fight risk and likes to fight many players at once, then this zone is perfect for you.

Treasure Hunt

PUBG Mobile Livik 2.0 map
Treasure Hunt in PUBG Mobile 2.0 (Image via Krafton)

Apart from the advanced zone supply, you can also get weapons and other supplies from the plethora of crates, you can find them through the mini map that has been provided, making it easier for players to get them.

Soccer Challenge

You can play football on this map by going to the blomster area because there is a soccer field that can be played together. If you score against the goal, then you will get some rewards.

High Flying Vehicles

PUBG Mobile Livik 2.0 map
High Flying Vehicles in PUBG Mobile 2.0 (Image via Krafton)

If you want to have fun using the vehicle, you can slide through the available incline to reach places you can’t reach on foot, and you will get rewards for that too.


PUBG Mobile Livik 2.0 map
Zipline in PUBG Mobile 2.0 (Image via Krafton)

By using a zipline, you can traverse from one place to another by hanging on the zipline.

Berry Hunt

If your health points decrease, you can restore them by eating the available berries, so you don’t need to use bandages or other boosts.

Final Thoughts

After a long wait for the Livik 2,0 map to be released, finally, in early May, players can officially play the map in the global version. Many features provided by the developer were not available in the beta version, which makes this Livik 2.0 map like a new map coming in the game with advanced features.

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