PUBG Mobile: How to get the Malachite Scar-L skin for free in new event

PUBG Mobile often brings new events for its players. These events come with exciting gifts like a parachute, backpack, gun skins, etc. Recall event is the most common event in PUBGM that keeps coming back every time. The event is so simple that anyone can easily complete the requirements and get lucrative rewards. The current PUBG Mobile Recall friends event is giving a gun skin named Malachite – Scar-L. The event started on 14 September and will run till 16 November 2021. The good news is that players can claim the skin in less than a week if played intelligently.

PUBG Mobile Recall friends event: Rules

  • Players who are above level 15 and have not logged in for more than 28 days are eligible for this event.
  • Each recall mission can be completed 15 times and gives “recall tokens” which can be used to redeem items from the event shop.
  • Recalled friends can help players to complete the missions. For example, if a player recalls only one friend and that recalled friend completes a mission, then the player who recalled will get the mentioned reward one time. If two of his recalled friend complete the same mission, he’ll be rewarded two times. So, a single mission can earn players a lot of tokens.

Missions to complete and rewards

missions in recall friends event
Missions in PUBG recall friends event

There are simple and easy missions to complete. Here’s a list of the missions and rewards.


  • The top left option namely the “Players Recalled” shows how many players one recalled.
  • “Rewards Available” in each mission shows how many of them completed a mission and the number of times you can claim.
Team up with the friends you recalled and play 1 classic mode match with them 50x recall tokens
Recalled players complete 1 classic match 20x recall tokens
Recalled players login for a total of 2 days 30x recall tokens
Recalled players complete a classic match in the Top 10 30x recall tokens
Recalled players login for a total of 3 days 40x recall tokens
Give one Space Gift to the friends you recalled 20x recall tokens
Increase your synergy with the friends you recalled by 10 50x recall tokens

So, if any recalled player login for a total of three days, you’ll receive 40 recall tokens. If two recalled players log in for the same number of days, you’ll get another 40 recall tokens. The reward can be redeemed 15 times. A shortcut way to recall friends is that if one has any PUBGM ID other than your recent one, you can invite your old ID to log in and play matches. Once the missions are done, again keep the old ID deactivate to play future recall events.

Steps to go to the mission page

Follow these steps to go to the event page.

  • From the top right corner, find the event option and click on it.
  • You’ll see the “recall” option at the top bar of the screen. Click on it.
  • Click on the “Assemble” option from the screen.

Recall Tokens redeem rewards: Complete list

The rewards list is quite long. There is a total of nine types of rewards a player can claim. Also, 4 recall tokens can be claimed after each match if played with recalled friends. The number of tokens decreases to half if matches are played with old friends.

redeem rewards pubg recall friends
Redeem rewards via Recall Tokens
1 Supply Crate Coupon Scrap 20
4 Classic Crate Coupon Scrap 15
4 Premium Crate Coupon Scrap 15
6 Parachute Trail (Pink) 20
15 Paint 4
120 Luau Set 1
60 Luau Wreath 1
100 Meadows Backpack 1
160 Malachite – Scar-L 1

As one can see, the Malachite – Scar-L only needs 160 recall tokens to redeem. So, one recalled friend is enough to earn the skin. If players can manage more friends, they can easily claim the rest of the rewards including the Meadows Backpack Skin.

How to redeem the rewards

Follow these steps to go to the event page.

  • From the top right corner, find the event option and click on it.
  • Players will see the “recall” option at the top bar of the screen. Click on it.
  • Now, click on “Friends Caring and Redemption”. If one has enough tokens, he must simply click on the item you want to redeem.

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