PUBG Mobile Karakin Guide map on PC: New locations, special features and more

In the 3rd anniversary update, PUBG Mobile has finally launched the much-awaited map ‘Karakin’. Tencent Games has announced the arrival of the Karakin map, in a tweet on April 7. The Karakin map has replaced the 4th map of the game, Vikendi. In this Karakin Map guide, we will talk about the new locations, special features of the newly-added map in PUBG Mobile.

Karakin Map: A mini-Miramar Map at first sight

Karakin is the smallest map among the other 4 maps of Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Livik. The small 2 x 2 km map, is almost half the size of Sanhok. It can have a maximum capacity of only 64 players. This makes your drop location crucial. The map looks like a mini Miramar map, at first. Features like tunnels, thin walls, sticky bombs and a black zone or the demolishing zone make this small map quite interesting. The map has 5 small cities, 1 cargo ship and small buildings spread across the map. One shall find the weapons available in Miramar and Vikendi map in Karakin which includes G36C, SCAR-L, Win-94, Panzerfrost, etc. Sadly, DP-28 is not available in Karakin.

PUBG Mobile Karakin Map

Various locations

  • Bashara: It is one of the best landing spots of Karakin. The area has many large compounds. Be ready for a real-combat soon once you drop here! It is definitely a hot drop location.
  • Al Hayik: Situated at the southern coast of the map, this is the smallest-named location. The residential buildings are fairly small.
  • Hadiqa Nemo: This port is situated to the east of the map. The area is filled with ship containers instead of buildings. It is a medium-risk place for a player to drop in.
  • Bahr Sahir: Located in the north-western part of Karakin, this area is suitably large with medium to high risk for players to drop.
  • Al Habar: Located in the top-right corner of the map, the area is filled with plenty of buildings. Players have to navigate increasingly tall buildings which might lead to some tense indoor encounters. In terms of risk, it is a fairly risky place.
  • Cargo Ship: On the southwest coast of Karakin, players will notice a big ship that is home to shipping containers with many more containers situated in the land. Since it is one of the farthest points on the map, players will face a low-risk level in this location.
  • Tunnels: Tunnels are situated in the unnamed compounds throughout the map. If you have a sticky bomb though, be on the lookout for destructible floors that can get you into the tunnels below. Not all compounds have them.

The underground tunnels in Karakin Map

Special Features

Sticky Bomb: A very new and interesting feature which this map offers are the sticky bombs. It is a throwable weapon that sticks to the thin walls of buildings or compounds and can blow holes to help you infiltrate and destroy campers. Sticky bombs are scattered throughout the map and are found inside buildings and containers. The destruction is powerful enough to knock out opponent players. Be careful with the use as you can even knock off your own teammate during combats.

Sticky bomb in Karakin Map

Thin walls: Another special feature of this new map is thin walls. Some walls are extremely weak on this map, allowing bullets to penetrate as well. Hence it becomes easy to kill campers.

Demolition Zone(Black zone): An interesting feature of Karakin is the demolition zone which will change the layout with each match. The black zone demolishes the buildings which was never the case of the Red Zone in other maps. Campers will stand no chance to survive with this feature. As soon as you hear a siren, you better get moving unless you want to get bombed while terrains get razed to the ground.

Buildings getting completely destroyed after being hit by bombs in demolition zone

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