PUBG Mobile: New Karakin map is set to release on April 7, 2021

Recently, PUBG Mobile has announced the release date of the latest map ‘Karakin‘. Already released in the PC and Console versions of the popular Battle Royale game, it is coming as a map filled with sand, boulder, and ridges in a 2 square kilometer area. It is going to take the place of the Vikendi map. In this article, we are going to discuss the new Karakin map and its release date.

About Karakin Map

Karakin is a 2×2 rough, dry, desert-type map based on the North African coasts. It has large sand fields filled with boulders and bushes. This map was first released on PUBG PC and console version in February 2020. It was famous for its ‘Demolition Zone‘ and exclusive guns and vehicles. It is a small-sized zone just like the red zone in the Erangel map. But the difference is, bombs will fall from the sky constantly and these bombs can destroy the buildings which are in the purple demolition zone. This means if any player tries to hide or camp inside the buildings in the demolition zone, they will turn into ashes in no time.

It is one of the smallest maps in the game, and only 64 players will take part in a single Classic match. It was announced that PUBG Mobile Update 1.3 will bring the Karakin map. The PUBG Mobile 1.3 is already rolling out to players with the new Hundred Rhythms Mode, which brings along several new weapons and special abilities.

Exclusive weapons

PUBG Mobile Karakin map release: Sticky Bomb and the Panzerfaust

Karakin map is bringing two brand new weapons which are going to spice up the battlefields. First is the Sticky bomb, this new throwable can destroy a wall after sticking to it by a throw. Players can find ‘hidden spaces’ after destroying buildings with sticky bombs where they can hide from enemies. Players will also have a rocket launcher called the Panzerfaust. Yes, it is the same legendary tank-destroying weapon from the Call of Duty PC series. These rockets explode on hitting a surface like a wall or land, strong enough to damage thin walls, penetrate objects within a six-meter range. But this is a single-use weapon. This Karakin map will replace the snowy Vikendi map.

Release date of Karakin map

PUBG Mobile announced that the Karakin map will be released for players on April 7, 2021, via their social media handles. They also suggested that players should spend time on the Vikendi map before it is gone from the game. It will be interesting to see how will this map go with the audiences.

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