PUBG mobile update – Arcade mode and Desert map

PUBG mobile new version 0.5.0 is coming soon! The big update is new Arcade mode and desert map. Here is the preview video with MEMU player on PC. Check it out!

  • Arcade mode is a special quick match, which only has 30 players and around 8 minutes match time.


  • Miramar map is an open desert map and great for urban assaults and sniping.


Here is steps about how to play PUBG Mobile on PC with smart key:

  1. Download & Install MEMU Player at
  2. Run MEMU Player (DirectX is the default graphic rendering mode)
  3. Login Google Play and Install PUBG Mobile
  4. Run PUBG Mobile (PUBG keymapping mode is enabled by default once enter into game)

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