PUBG mobile update [Mar.2020]

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PUBG mobile update 0.17.0

PUBG MOBILE will release an update starting on March 3rd; there will be no downtime. This update requires approximately a total of 1.69 GB of storage space on Android, and 1.95 GB of storage space on iOS. Players on different versions are unable to invite one another, so update as soon as possible!

New Content in Classic Mode:

1. Erangel – Amusement Park Mode (available from March 12th)

Players have a chance to enter an Amusement Park Mode during Erangel matchmaking in Classic Mode, which includes:

  • Amusement Parks: In this mode, old school amusement parks will appear randomly in three locations on the Classic Erangel map.

  • Arcade Machines: Interactive Arcade Machines will be placed in the amusement parks and major towns, which can be activated with Tokens.

Games and Attractions: Hunt Game, Space War, What’s in the Box, Shooting Range, Trampoline and Reverse Bungee.

  • Reverse Bungee + Wingsuit: High-rise Reverse Bungee machines will appear in the middle of the amusement parks. Players can be launched into the air to use their parachute and glide again.

2. New AirDrop Weapon: DBS Shotgun

DBS, a double-barreled shotgun that can only be obtained through AirDrops.
  • The DBS has an internal magazine that holds 14 rounds of 12 Gauge ammo that can fire 2 shots each rack.
  • The DBS will need to be racked from the magazine after 2 shots, which is faster compared to previous shotguns’ reloading speeds.
  • The DBS can be outfitted with the Holographic Sight, Red Dot Sight, and 2x – 6x Scope.

3. Independent Teammate Volume Control


A new feature now supports the adjustment of the voice volume for a single teammate in battle. Players can adjust volume according to their teammates’ voices.

4. Universal Mark

Added Universal Marks, which allow players to mark locations, supplies, vehicles, death crates and doors. When marking, the corresponding marks are displayed according to the different objects. Players can mark and respond to teammates’ marks for quick communication. Preferred settings can be configured in Settings.

5. Death Replay

Added Death Replay, which allows players to watch how they were eliminated. Players can watch from the attacker’s perspective for a certain time prior to their deaths.

6. Colorblind Mode

Added Colorblind Mode in Graphics Settings, which provides more color options for in-game indicators, such as Poison, Smoke, and Auxiliary Lines.

New Arcade Mode Content:

1. Return of Hardcore Mode


Hardcore Mode can be selected in the Arcade Mode selection screen. In this mode, there are no sound prompts, manual actions are required like pick-up and opening/closing doors. This mode gives players a more realistic shooting and survival experience.

New EvoGround Content:

1. Added Arctic Mode (coming soon)


Based on Classic Mode gameplay, arctic storms will appear periodically in Vikendi. Players will need to maintain and keep their body temperature high through various means, otherwise, their health will continuously decrease.

Ways to maintain body temperature:

  • Use a lighter to light a fire indoors and gather branches to add to the fire to increase the heating time.

  • Hunt chickens to acquire raw chicken and roast it on the fire, then consume the roast chicken to restore body temperature.

  • Use items such as the heater or heat packs.

Other Contents:
  • Snowboards from the Winter Festival will also appear in this mode for players to enjoy snowboarding.
  • Added Drones that can scout the surrounding area, leading to new tactics.

2. EvoGround Gameplay Adjustments

Survive Till Dawn and RageGear – PickUp will be removed for further tuning after the update. Please keep an eye on the update notes for future release dates.

3. Team Deathmatch – Camera Improvements

Improved the camera shaking and position adjustment in some situations in Team Deathmatch FPP mode to increase realism.

Royale Pass Season 12: 2gether We Play (available from March 9th)

  1. Celebrate the 2nd anniversary of PUBG MOBILE with Royale Pass reward upgrades. Choose one ultimate set out of two. Anniversary theme items are returning to the Shop, don’t miss out!
  2. Improved the Purchase and Upgrade interface display and added support for Exclusive Vouchers (available from events).
  3. Players who haven’t purchase a Royale Pass in the past 3 seasons (9, 10 and 11) and players who registered from season 10 but haven’t purchased a Royale Pass before will receive bonus benefits when they purchase this season.

System Features: Brothers in Arms Function

  1. Through Brothers in Arms, veterans with rich game experience will guide and play together with rookies in the game. Rookies can learn from the veterans and master the game quickly, while the veterans can receive great rewards.
  2. Players can enter the Brothers in Arms system and register as a Rookie or Veteran. Rookies send invitations to recommended Veterans, and Veterans who have enabled the Rookie Matching status will receive the invitation. The two will enter the battle after matching, which supports Classic mode rating calculations.

Anniversary Celebration (available from March 12th):

1. Anniversary Celebration Event

  • During the Anniversary Celebration, everyone will work together to achieve the event goals and receive rewards.
  • Individual Events will allow players to claim rewards after completing the corresponding missions.
  • Event rankings will grant players various rewards corresponding to their points ranking.

2. Anniversary Celebration Achievements

The Anniversary Cake collection achievement returns
  • 2nd Anniversary new mini-game achievement
  • Anniversary login exclusive achievement

Classic Mode Improvements:

1. Firearm Balancing

  • Slightly increased rifle burst mode rate of fire.
  • M16A4 balance adjustment: Slightly increased burst mode rate of fire and increased vertical and horizontal recoil.
  • Increased Mk47’s single-shot damage from 46 to 48

2. Classic Mode – Other Improvements

  • Upgraded Dacia and UAZ models
  • Modified the UZI model: added an upper guide for equipping the Red Dot and Holographic Sight
  • Improved skydiving animation: added parachute descending and disappearing effects when landing, and improved the character landing animation
  • Control Settings – Custom Layout Improvements: Increased maximum button size adjustability to 250%
  • Control Settings – New Custom Setting Feature: The left Fire button can be moved off of the edge of the screen as long as the center point of the button is on the screen
  • Improved the Molotov Cocktail flame particle effect
  • Improved the Frag Grenade blast effect on different surface materials
  • Added player standby emotes on all maps in Classic Mode. For example, the Shivering emote will be the standby emote while playing on Vikendi. The standby emote is only visible to the player and their teammates in battle.
  • Added a second confirmation to the Reset button in Custom Settings to prevent players from resetting the layout by mistake.
  • Removed the unnecessary virtual sound settings for vehicles. Fixed issues of Dacia idle volume being too low, Motorcycle idle volume being too high and Rony idle volume being too high.

PUBG mobile update 0.16.0

Tencent has released a new beta update of PUBG mobile, version 0.16.0. The changes in the game can be seen as some kind of response to another shooting game by the same company: Call of duty Mobile. During October, Call of duty Mobile was absolutely the shiniest star in the mobile gaming industry. Now PUBG mobile is, of course, waiting for a moment to take back its own glory.

1. TPP-FPP switch

PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update In the upcoming PUBG mobile update, the first thing that needs covering is that an in-game switch between TPP and FPP is available now. Just like the PUBG for PC, the mobile version finally supports this feature. This is really something for those who like CQB combat. FPP in some way performs way better in short distance flights.

2. Snow and Ice mode

This part of PUBG mobile update must confuse the user in the Southern Hemisphere. Though for the developers and players of PUBG mobile, definitely winter is coming. PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 Beta Pochinki Hills, GeorgePool Hills, Stalber will be covered by snow. All of these locations will also have a special loot crate available. A player will get high tier loot in these locations as compared to other locations. There will also be a ski button available on the screen which allows you to ski on ice.

3. Healing/Boost Movement

In the past, in the world of PUBG mobile, you cannot even drink a drink while walking. Everything will be different in the new PUBG mobile update. Though the speed will be slower, it is possible to move when healing.

4. New mode and Map: Death Race

Image result for pubg mobile death race You can now even have a car race in this PUBG mobile update. What a surprise. At first, it is just a event hold by some streamers. And now it has become an official event. Players are always the best planners of a game, aren’t they? And now you can play it on PC! Download

Step by step to play PUBG mobile on PC

  1. We highly recommend playing PUBG Mobile on PC using MEmu Android emulator. If you haven’t downloaded already, please install it here.
  2. Then you can download and install the game from Google Play. Alternatively, you can download the apk file from sites like APKpure and install it manually.
  3. Once installed, the icon will show up on MEmu home screen. Simply click the icon to launch this game then it and then it begins to download game resources.
  4. Finally, you will able to play PUBG mobile on your PC!

That’s all for this PUBG mobile update.

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