PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Super collaboration brings new Game modes, items, and more to the battlegrounds

This Thursday, one of the most played mobile games in the world, PUBG Mobile, will debut its historic collaboration with Dragon Ball Super. In the Version 2.7 Update, this partnership will result in an unprecedented gameplay redesign. This is one of the biggest collaborations in PUBG Mobile history, featuring exclusive new Dragon Ball Super modes, items, vehicles, areas, and more.

PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Super collaboration brings two Dragon Ball Super modes and four new areas

From July 13 through September 4 in-game, players may participate in the first of two revolutionary Dragon Ball Super modes that blend traditional PUBG Mobile battle royale gameplay with aspects from the Dragon Ball franchise. Players can summon Shenron with the seven Dragon Balls they acquire in this mode, and they can also pray for strong in-game bonuses at the Shenron Summoning Altar.

Four new Dragon Ball Super areas have been created in Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok for players to explore, and they are exact replicas of places and buildings from the original series. Players can find goodies in “Dragon Ball Village,” “Tenkaichi Budokai,” “Kame House,” and “Karin Tower.” Additionally, players will be able to launch the brand-new “Hoipoi Capsule” to have it change into a three-seater “Air Car” so they can move around the battlefield.

This update has a “Ki” element that is essential to the Dragon Ball series! Amplify your mobility by gathering “Ki”-like energy so you can utilize the fabled “Kamehameha” beam to destroy adversaries and the “Buku-jutsu (Levitation technique)” to fly at the speed of jogging. Players who are low on “Ki” can eat stray “Senzu Beans” to replenish it as well as Health and Energy.

PUBG Mobile Dragon Ball Super

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Additionally, those seeking an additional challenge should watch this space for more information on the secret Dragon Ball Trial. Players will be required to look for seven Dragon Balls while other teams can see where they are! Players must successfully collect the Dragon Balls, protect the Sheron Summoning Altar, and grant a wish to win the game.

Dragon Ball Super mode will transform the battlegrounds into an animated art-style world

From July 15 until September 4th, the second of the two Dragon Ball Super modes will deliver a gameplay upgrade never previously seen in PUBG Mobile transforming the battlegrounds into a universe with a distinctive animation art style. Instead of utilizing conventional weapons, players will take on the identities of one of the five Dragon Ball Super characters—Son GokuVegetaFriezaPiccolo, and Ultimate Gohan—and engage in combat using their special primary and support moves to survive.

PUBG Mobile Dragon Ball Super

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In this all-new mode, players will collect Spirit Crystlets and Spirit Crystals from the ground to replenish energy and level up their moves, with Level 4 being the highest. They will also make use of several novel elements, such as Teleport Points and Updraft, to travel around and alter the landscape.

Prepare yourself for the plethora of Dragon Ball Super-themed attire and accessories that will be available on July 14th, including unique attire for Son Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and the companions Pilaf and Karin! Players should keep an eye out for future material because the partnership will continue after August 11th.

Version 2.7 Update also brings gameplay enhancements available on all maps

Several new gameplay changes are also introduced in the Version 2.7 Update, including upgrades to the World of Wonder creative mode and the addition of the new assault rifle ACE32, which will be usable on all maps. The current Royale Pass Ace will provide new core rewards along with Season Missions, and Cycle 5 Season 13 has been upgraded with new content, rewards, and cosmetics to earn and enjoy.

They may learn more about a future in-game event with special Dragon Ball Super awards like the “Kamesennin Style Set” by following the official PUBG Mobile social media channels. PUBG Mobile will shortly announce a forthcoming relationship with a legendary British luxury automobile company, so players should stay tuned for more to come.

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