PUBG Mobile x Squid Game collaboration to bring a new game mode

The Netflix series Squid Game has shaken the world with its inconceivable views and acceptance all over the world and has become a global phenomenon. Now, as per the rumors, Netflix’s most popular series is going to introduce a Squid Game collaboration with PUBG Mobile, one of the most-played battle royale games. The crossover will bring a new Squid Game arcade mode called Death Rabbit Survival mode which is the first featured game Red Light, Green Light from Squid Game.

There has been no official announcement by PUBG Mobile. But, players may watch the crossover go live on December 20.

PUBG Mobile x Squid Game collaboration: What is Death Rabbit Survival mode

This will be an arcade mode in the game where 100 players will enter a ground same as shown in the Red Light, Green Light game. Players will be dressing like the characters shown in Squid Game. But unlike the Netflix series, a rabbit will replace the robotic doll in the arcade mode.

PUBG Mobile x Squid Game collaboration

The objective will be to cross the finish line before the timer hits zero. But when crossing through, the bunny will move its head towards the players and try to spot moving players and if there’s any, they’ll be shot to death. However, crossing the line won’t decide the winner because the first player to cross the line will be the one. The mode will be available to play in custom rooms as well.

Collaborations are bringing positive responses from PUBGM players

Red Light, Green Light was featured as a bonus event in Free Fire before. But unlike the game, Squid Game’s collaboration with PUBGM is an official one. Currently, PUBG Mobile is featuring Mirror World mode as a result of collaborating with Arcane, Riot Games’ League of Legends-inspired show.

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